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My name is Jennifer Lucich. My professional title is Owner / Manager at J&S Equity Investments.

I recently had the pleasure of joining the Real Estate Investing world. I was able to gain some fantastic education from an amazing mentor which has led to becoming a small business owner. I took on a partner and in less than 6 months from idea to inception, we closed escrow on our first rehab property. I am officially a Real Estate Investor! I have always been interested in Real Estate. My dad and uncle built a couple of homes when I was young and I loved being at the jobsite with my dad. I finally found my way back to the industry that I love!

My Previous field of expertise prior to real estate investing was Surgical Technology. I worked as a Surgical Tech for more that 10 years. I worked at a level 2 trauma center for most of those 10 years. I am proficient in all specialties except open heart surgery. My favorite specialty is neurosurgery. It is an amazing feeling to be able to be part of a team that saves people's lives. The folks that work in the operating room are (to me) the unsung heroes of the medical field. I had the privilege of working with renowned surgeons and amazing nurses. I loved the operating room work and will continue to volunteer my time within the surgical community.

While working in the operating room gives you an amazing feeling of accomplishment and knowing you are making a difference, buying a distressed property and fixing it up gives you an equally rewarding feeling. How you ask? Many of the properties have been (for quite some time) an eyesore to the neighborhood and in some cases attract some unsavory characters. On our first property, every single neighbor came to thank us for purchasing the property and making a difference in their neighborhood. I cannot explain how happy that made me. Our goal is simply to MAKE A POSITIVE DIFFERENCE. We are accomplishing our goal one house at a time. Nothing gives me greater happiness!

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