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Drawing on her dynamic, eclectic background as an actor, dancer, choreographer, creative director, entrepreneur, branding expert and performance coach for singers, dancers, actors and performers, Jennifer David has become one of the most in demand live show producers in the entertainment industry.

Since moving to Nashville in 2013, she has worked with hundreds of recording artists and performers in a wide range of genres, taking their stage presentations to fresh and exciting levels while helping create memorable moments that foster connection and intimacy between artists and their audiences. She has collaborated with a clientele that runs the gamut from upstart independent artists to high profile performers from The Disney Channel, “The Voice,” “America’s Got Talent,” “American Idol,” BET, FOX and Universal Studios and Broadway. In January 2017, Jennifer was recognized by the Continental Who’s Who and National Association of Professional Women, for her outstanding excellence and dedication to her profession and the achievement of women.

In collaborating with artists, Jennifer has produced everything from one time showcases to major concert tours, helping her clients with the moment to moment elements of their performances, from single song presentations to lengthy set lists. Based on their specific vibe, persona and needs as a performer, she coaches them on everything from song arrangements and set list flow, choreography and placement onstage to stage treatments and color schemes, lighting and delivery of anecdotes introducing songs. Her intense acting studies earlier in her career now drive her passion for helping artists emotionally connect with and fully engage their audiences. Every key creative moment by moment decision is crucial, she believes, to creating lifelong devoted fans.

“In the same way that a record producer’s task is to bring out the best and deepest emotional parts of an artist in the studio, my role as a live show producer is finding exciting ways for their audience to connect on a moment to moment basis,” Jennifer says. “Essentially, artists are up there to take their audience on a journey, and my job is to oversee and coordinate every aspect of their show and bring everything together to give their audience the best experience of their lives. I dedicate myself to getting to know the artist as a person, and that includes understanding their insecurities and setbacks. The goal is using every tool available, from their positioning in a small room to going through each line of a song, to help bring out their authenticity and ensure they touch the hearts and souls of their fans.”

Jennifer’s passion for helping take raw young talent to the next creative level inspired her recently to launch J.L. David Talent, a full-service talent agency in downtown Nashville, which specializes in the education of talent, artist development and entertainment career consulting. She and her team of industry professionals work together to develop, brand and represent quality talent from each potential demographic. Her aim is to cultivate long term careers through positive, significant exposure and collaborations with top international publication, production and brand teams.

Born and raised in the small town of Madisonville, KY, Jennifer’s life forever changed one night when she was seven years old and attended a concert in Evansville, IN headlined by legendary Contemporary Christian artist Carman. She was on her feet the whole time, her wide eyes glued to the powerful production, which included dancers, dazzling visuals and the artist himself colorfully costumed as different characters. “That show set the course for my deepest desires and passions, which ultimately became the driving force in my life,” says Jennifer. “As a live show producer, I want to keep creating and recreating that sense of wonder and inspire the deepest potential of the artists I work with.”

The other driving force of her childhood, her success as a competitive, award winning gymnast from the ages of five to 17, training up to 30 hours a week, instilled in her the importance of training, focus, skill development and commitment in the push for excellence. While a knee injury in her junior year of high school derailed her further competitive and professional aspirations, Jennifer applied that sense of drive and discipline into the arts. A year after graduating high school, she moved to Orlando and began teaching summer camp at the Pop Shop, a training facility for young and aspiring, singers, dancers and actors. She started there as the assistant to the main choreographer and within a few months took over that role herself.

During her five years as an instructor there during the “Hannah Montana” and “High School Musical” crazes (when every kid hoped to get on a Disney show), Jennifer also began taking acting classes under the Meisner technique – and quickly fell in love with the process of character development and studies. When she applied her intuitive understanding of the emotional connection between actor and character to her teaching of acting, dancing and singing, she started seeing powerful new results in her students.

Joining forces with an investor and business partner, Jennifer then opened her own commercial performing arts studio in Lake Mary, FL, which had a clientele of 150 within a year and eventually worked with hundreds of students from 5 to college age. In addition to producing a popular kids Christmas album, she became a top producer of youth oriented live events, including Radio Disney performances, school productions, and the Citrus Bowl halftime show. Getting married and moving to Nashville in 2013, she left her company back to her partners hands and began focusing on the performance aspect of her career, signing with Xcel Talent Agency in Atlanta and dancing on a tour (with The Disney Channel star Coco Jones and for other artists’ live performances and music videos). After working for a time as a talent scout with Shine Entertainment, she began developing her career as a live show producer full force.

“I’ve truly enjoyed every single person I’ve gotten to work with over the years,” Jennifer says. “I love people and developing relationships, and everything I’ve done in my life is based on building those and continuing them far beyond the job I am hired to do at any given time. My overall vision is for art to change lives again, to create experiences that are not only unforgettable but transcend the joy and fun of any given moment or show. It’s about far more than selling tickets or merchandize. As a live show producer, I’m there to draw upon multiple resources to literally create the best art in the world.”

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