Jeannine Rutledge

Managing Director/Founder

About Me

My name is Jeannine Rutledge. I am Founder/CEO of Lacy Pure & Simple Inc. and, Managing Director of J.Yvette Legal & Business Consulting. In addition, I am an author of fiction and motivational books. When I make time, I mentor and do motivational speaking.

I am a wife and mother of five very wonderful children. I don't have much time for hobbies but, I do have a passion. I am driven to create beauty products made from natural ingredients that help to heal scars, remove dark spots and patches. Over ten years ago I was diagnosed with Lupus. As a result, I was faced with rashes and breakouts on my face. I was often left with scars that I could not remove. Creams became costly and makeup no longer covered them. I wanted a solution. I didn't have money and I didn't want the chemicals. I started doing my research. After two years of testing, studying and more testing, I found the right combinations using natural ingredients and essential oils. I am so pleased with what I have created. I decided to create a beauty product line called Lacy Pure & Simple. I want to offer my solution to everyone so that they are able to receive the same results that I have. This is and will continue to be my passion. I've also created solutions to regrow hair. My Lupus caused my hair to thin and create bald spots. I thought my hair would never grow back.

While I love motivating individuals to grow and do all the things in life they dream to do, I want to heal as many faces and scars as possible because everyone deserves it. That is what I want the women of the International Association of Women to know about me.

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