Jeannine Mallett

Principal Consultant

About Me

I love being an entrepreneurial woman! Being raised at the side of a very successful father, I fell in love with business operations at a young age, working in his companies as I grew up. When I graduated, I knew all strong entrepreneurs need a strong finance background and decided to get an accounting designation. I've taken that designation in a completely different direction, and our team works with companies to reduce their book keeping costs by leveraging automation and artificial intelligence in their operations. But that's what I do, not who I am.

I'm a mom to the most amazing kid! She's a high performance athlete, an brilliant student, but more importantly, a super kind loving teenager. But that's my kid, not who I am.

I'm a wife to a ridiculously funny, extreme sports loving, hubby. But that's my hubby, not who I am.

I'm a board member of Climbing Escalade Canada, and passionate about contributing to the community both on the team, provincial, and national level. But that's my sport, not who I am.

I'm a sum of those pieces, and many many more.

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