Jeanne Omlor

Business Breakthrough Coach/ Executive Coach

About Me

☏ 212-675-4131

★ Leaders & Entrepreneurs ★
I help smart leaders and entrepreneurs perform at the highest possible level in all areas, skyrocketing their sales and profits and revolutionizing their Leadership and Success Levels. How?
✔ by transforming their Time Management with focus on rapid strategic goal attainment,
✔ by expanding their reach and client base by creating killer marketing and social media systems and
✔ by training them to operate using the "Highest Impact" action.

★ Directly From A Client ★
"Jeanne Omlor got me focused, organized, and with a concrete strategy to grow my business and the results have been amazing! Profits doubled in a matter of a few months. She is my secret Business Weapon!" -Kim Schanzer, CEO of Pulse Skin and Laser

✉ Email me at to learn more about how we can work together and help you live your precious life.

"As soon as I left our very first session, I went straight to my next sales call and landed a $30,000 contract! That sales call was after a mere 40 minutes with Jeanne. I am completely certain I would have never landed that client without her coaching, or the other ideal clients that followed that one. What more absolute proof could a business person want of the impact of her services? Her coaching is supercharging, amazing, and highly effective." - Eileen Carey – CEO, G & E Electrical Power Corp

"When I met Jeanne, I was struggling to stay consistent and trying to do everything on my own. I wasn’t sharing my heartfelt goals with others and I wasn’t even clear on them myself. I was turning around and around. Since I starting working with Jeanne, I have tripled my profits and it’s getting better all the time." -David Luftig – Photographer and Industrial Designer

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