Janet Lesley Powers, MSC

Transformational Life & Leadership Coach

About Me

My name is Janet Lesley Powers, MSc. My professional title is Transformational Life and Leadership Coach. My skills and areas of expertise include Coach, Teacher, and Group Facilitator. I am also an Art of Self Inquiry Practitioner (one of only two practitioners in the world right now), having helped the founder of this technique - my partner Ron Powers - to develop the AOSI into a repeatable coaching tool.

Since getting married in May 2015, I am based in Rockville MD. I work in the Washington DC Metro area, and with clients on line or by phone in Europe, Asia-Pacific and South America, and elsewhere in the United States.

I coach Leaders of teams and organisations, and those inspired to lead and create a positive shift in the world. I specialize in coaching women and groups to greater empowerment and creativity, and in particular working toward more rewarding relationships with their colleagues, stakeholders and clients, for the benefit of all involved.

I'm a graduate of Georgetown University's Executive Leadership Coaching Program, and more recently, the new Executive Facilitator Program, both at the University's Institute for Transformational Leadership. Completing the exciting, leading edge Coaching Program affords me Professional Status with the ICF (International Coaching Federation). I previously attained my MSc. from The University of Glamorgan, UK.

I have extensive experience as a Campaign Leader, Senior Policy Officer and Global Leader within a global conservation non-profit. While representing that organisation, I met with and advised governments and international organisations including UNESCO and the European Union. I also have experience facilitating International Workshops for all levels of employees; to develop their Personal Effectiveness and Leadership skills.
I specialize in group facilitation, particularly Conflict Resolution, Personal Empowerment and Leadership, plus One-on-One Coaching for Life and/or Leadership challenges. These are my primary services right now, as proprietor of my own business.

In addition to Personal Life and Leadership Coaching, I offer a unique technique known as The Art of Self-Inquiry, delivered primarily through one-on-one coaching in a safe non-judgmental environment. This focused technique is for those who wish to dig deeper into their psyche, thus enabling them to release long-held blocks and stresses, issues and resistances that are holding them back from being their best selves.

My hobbies and interests include reading, yoga, walking, hiking, photography and travel. I am a qualified Offshore Yachtmaster and sailed for most of my adult life. In the past I've owned my own successful business as a yacht broker. It has also been my great joy to raise three wonderful sons.

I like to express appreciation for my diverse and enjoyable life by 'paying it forward'; for example I provide pro-bono coaching to women via the Women4Change Coaching Community, and I've regularly volunteered in a women's refuge. I also support the on-going welfare and education of a young lady in a developing country.

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