Janet Bradsher

Business Owner

About Me

All 3 of my businesses were designed in the ability to help others. With Solution Solvers, I help people with accounting, payroll, tax and technology solutions. I am not just interested in making a "sale". I want to put things in place to prevent waste, redundancy and allow time to be spent on things that matter - not day-to-day clutter.

With A Plus Notary Solutions, I am a NSA (Notary Signing Agent). I am a mobile notary that can meet you anywhere to help with your individual notary needs for personal and business. I am located in Virginia so I can only notarize in that state but I enjoy helping people get through a tedious process in a timely fashion.

With LifeLine Training, I love teaching and I love "arming" people with tools to store in their toolbox that allows them to help others. I can think of no greater way to help people than to teach them how to save another person's life. At LifeLine Training, I arm you with the knowledge and tools to perform First Aid, CPR and AED services for both adult and pediatric people as certified through the American Red Cross.

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