Jadine Urasaki P.E., LEEDAP

About Me

Deputy Director of Projects for the Department of Transportation. Responsibilities included total oversight of the Capital Improvement Program (CIP) ($1B ± annually) and Operation and Maintenance (O&M) ($700M± annually) Programs, including all financial and budgetary requirements for the Harbors, Highways and Airports Divisions. Also directly manages the departmental administrative offices of the State Transportation: 1) Planning Office; 2) Safety and Security Office for Honolulu Authority for Rapid Transit; 3) Planning, Programming and Budgeting Office, and all engineering functions of the Department.

Directs the major transportation modes and directs the planning, design, construction, facilities and maintenance, and operations of the transportation facilities of the State, including airports, harbors and highways with a view toward providing the State with the best system of integrated transportation facilities possible.

Directs the preparation and maintenance of statewide transportation plans and the development of Department-wide transportation planning policies and procedures, transportation system plans and procedures, short and long range capital improvement plans, development plans and other planning activities required in support of the departmental mission.

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