Jacquyn Cleary, LPC, LMFT

"Helping People Embrace Life"

About Me

My name is Jacquyn Cleary. My professional title is Owner/President at Cleary Counseling and Consultation, Inc. My company and practice is in Tulsa, Oklahoma .

My expertise is in Mental Health Counseling and Coaching. I specialize in Anxiety/Stress Management, Life management and transitions, Marital therapy and Individual counseling in a variety of areas. I love to do groups and public speaking. Some of the topics are Creating a Positive Environment in Life and on the Job, Stress Management for Busy Professionals, Success and Happiness :Removing Obstacles that keep you from your life and professional goals.
My passion is to help women grow and thrive in their strengths to become their "Best Self". I am also available for individual or corporate coaching and Virtual Group Trainings.

I am available for Speaking Engagements, Corporate and Individual consultations and trainings. I received my Master of Science degree from Texas A&M University. I am currently a VIP member of the National Association of Professional Women, The American Counselors' Association, American Psychotherapy Association and The Academy for Development and Training. I hold two licenses in the state of Oklahoma. The Licensed Professional Counselor license and The Marriage and Family Therapy License. I am also trained by the CaPP Institute in Intensive Coaching.

I am a mother of three grown daughters. I take great pride in being their mom.

My hobbies and interests include traveling,scuba diving, yoga, fitness and reading, biking, tennis and most outdoor activities.

I love being involved and giving back in my community and doing activities to help people in the community thrive and grow.

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