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APS Healthcare, in business since 1991 and a subsidiary of Universal American (UAM), is one of the leading specialty health service companies in the United States. APS delivers innovative solutions to improve the health of members served by providing superior total healthcare management including disease management and behavioral health care services.

My current responsibilities include:
• Directs all aspects of IT administrative operations including budget management, workflow and application enhancements, policy/procedure and organization wide IT projects which involve interaction with internal customers.
• Develops and manages IT budget directing the IT procurement process and software/hardware purchase requests. Reviews monthly financial reports and communicates budget/actual performance with IT leadership. Serves as single point of contact for vendor relationships (IT contractors, hardware & software vendors) and participates in vendor contract negotiations.
• Develops resource management processes and works with IT leadership to software applications to support the assignment of project assignment to be able to provide availability/lack of availability of IT resources for new or prospective projects.
• Coordination and discussion of workflows, enhancements, and development for application enhancements as well as hardware procurement for potential and existing clients.
• Focuses on coordination of the development or enhancement to IT policy and procedures through the interactions with the Chief Security Officer or Security team including the IT Directors team.
• IT Administration category encompasses non-specific IT responsibilities such as: Employee Survey, enterprise projects, surveys, etc.; which includes interaction with Human Resources, Finance, Sales, and other corporate teams.
• Management of vendors (day to day) – single point of contact for vendor relationships (IT contractors, Hardware & software vendors) and participates in vendor contract negotiations.
• Develops and updates all Corporate IT Policies.
• Coordinates with corporate HR and IT directors for job descriptions, band requirements, employee survey, etc.
• Works closely with Corporate finance for Capital expenditures (planning, reporting, & accounting) as well as Expense expenditures.

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