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About Me

My name is Jackie Arthur My skills and areas of expertise include event planning. My professional title is coo, event creative director at LonJack Exquisite Events & Costume Karaoke, which specializes in Event Planning, Karaoke, Parties. My hobbies and interests include movies and dining. I am drawn to and passionate about charitable organizations such as Interim Housing Corporation and Adopt an Elementary School Project.

I have about 25 years of combined experience in Sales/Marketing/Human Resources. However, what I enjoy more than anything is entertaining. I am a big lover of Karaoke and I go to various clubs for Karaoke. I started going to Pejus Restaurant about two years ago for Karaoke, and I always felt at home there and that’s where I met my Business Partner, Lonnie Jordan. I presented Lonnie with my vision of what I thought Karaoke should be, and although skeptical, he decided to join me in launching LonJack. I love to push the envelope and try new and challenging ideas, be it at a Birthday Event, Wedding, Brunch, Crabfeast, Ballroom or Bullroast, I am always looking to bring out the best entertainment possible at any event. I believe that everyone should be made to feel like a VIP, no matter how Big or Small the Event is.

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