India White

A.P. Leto High School | Assistant Principal

About Me

My rich experience as a math teacher in public schools in Florida for at least 5 years has allowed me to gain strong administrative and management skills that would be effectively utilized by any organization. After years of experience in the classroom and working for 14 years with various non-profit organizations in which I am zealous for, I am more than prepared to move into management or administration as an educational leader.

With a B.S. in mathematics and an M.Ed in Educational Leadership, I will offer:

Proficiency in working cross-functionally as I've done previously as an educator
Understanding of data and statistical information with my mathematics background
Mastery of public representation with ability to generate sales
Effective networking skills with connections throughout society
Efficient comprehension of education and the demands within education today
Excellent communication and public relation skills

As I study , I continue to pay it foward with great leaders in my community through different non profit organizaitons of which have been a great part of my life. As the Vice President of Take Stock in Children's Alumni Alliance, I enjoy working with other worldchangers while managing and overseeing activities and commitments of Alumni across the state. As a part of the Gates Millenium Scholars Alumni Association, I plan to make an impact on a greater scale within my GMS family and the world for the sake of education. As a team player, I will do everything in my power to assure higher education to future generations!

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