Heidi Lerner

Gray Matters | Brain Injury Life Coach

About Me

Heidi sees Mentoring as an empowering tool that uses our personal potential to overcome the grip of trauma and live life fully...again. Ms. Lerner conducted a multiple-disability Mentoring Program while working for Access to Independence, an independent living organization for people with disabilities. Heidi wrote a specialized Mentor Programs for brain injury survivors. She adapted the program to address veterans with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder for the non-profit organization, Warriors Live On.

Heidi is affiliated with Sharp Hospital to facilitate a Brain Injury Support Group and teach Gentle Pilates for this select population. She has facilitated Gray Matters Support Groups in two locations in the San Diego area for ten years.

Heidi also coaches survivors of brain injuries to cope with their condition, feel better about themselves and to use strategies that will help them become competent and feel more able to live their lives with restored gusto.

Please contact Heidi to request Gray Matters Coaching at or call at (858) 365-0465.

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