Heather Savage

About Me

Coming from ten years in print advertising, editing and marketing are second nature to me. Taking that knowledge and combining it with my love of writing, I started my own boutique publishing company in March of 2011. As Editor in Chief of Staccato Publishing, which specializes in Publishing and Author Marketing, my staff and I make it a point to champion our authors' careers as opposed to churning out books. There are a lot of publishers out there but not many who lend support to their authors and help others who publish through other means. In addition to helping those who hire Staccato Publishing for marketing and freelance editing, we also conduct workshops and hold classes on navigating the publishing world and teaching how to market oneself as well as taking a book to the masses. I am currently involved with Midwest Independent Publishers Assoc and American Booksellers Assoc.
When I'm not working I like to be physical and blow off steam. Martial arts, self-defense, and riding dressage are my main hobbies though I can be found puttering in my overgrown garden from time to time.
I am drawn to and passionate about charitable organizations such as HEIFER International, volunteering at the Veterans Hospital, and providing monthly care packages to soldiers through Operations Minnesota Nice.

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