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iSpark Transformation, LLC | Speaker. Trainer. Coach.

About Me

Electric. Powerful. Anointed. I am Harriett D. Loney, President and CEO of iSpark Transformation. I am on a mission to change lives with the spark of the Spirit that I bring. And, oh, what a powerful spark it is!

As a retired Air Force veteran with more than 20 years of service, I am a John C. Maxwell certified Speaker, Trainer and Coach. And, if that was not enough, I am also a certified Professional Coach with the Department of Defense, as well as a Program Manager and Instructor. I attacks problems with a 360-degree solution in mind.

iSpark Transformation offers Mastermind Training classes, workshops and seminars that offer a Blueprint for Success to you personally, your business or church group. Also, if you want growth and stronger individual performance in your company, make sure your team is playing the Leadership Game, exclusively provided by us.

My family and I reside in the DC metropolitan area.

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