Glenda Smith

Executive Director- Bridging Access to Care

About Me

My name is Glenda Smith. My professional title is Executive Director at Bridging Access to Care.
Bridging Access to Care (BAC)! (You may know us by our former name: Brooklyn AIDS Task Force). We have gone through some changes over the past two years in order to remain responsive to our clients and our communities. As a result, we made the difficult decision to change our name to reflect a shift toward a broader, more encompassing approach to service provision.

Let me assure you, we are not moving away from the clients and populations we have always served; they are our heart and soul and we will continue to serve those most in need. The new name reflects our broadened approach: providing access to care for those in need. As the nature of HIV/AIDS changes and needs shift, we are responding to those changes by expanding our services and scope to focus on issues like chronic illness, specialty care, and providing services in other parts of the city and beyond.

Glenda G. Smith, Executive Director, has been with the Brooklyn AIDS Task Force since 1989 in various positions within the agency. She first started as a Health Educator then became Program Coordinator and was promoted as Assistant Director of Prevention and Education Services. Shortly after that she became the Director of Prevention and Education Services and as the Program Director she developed and implemented programs that targeted at risk
populations such as adolescent, women, the recently released from incarceration and substance users. Her work with the Treatment Readiness program helped form our current Substance Abuse Day Treatment program. Since 2006, Glenda has been responsible for all of our programs as the Chief Program Officer. Ms. Smith holds a BS from Hunter College and a Master's Degree in Public Health (MPH) from Hunter College's School of Health Science.

Moving forward, we will continue to focus our energies on HIV/AIDS, with an emphasis on supporting the National HIV/AIDS Strategy.

The goals of the National HIV/AIDS Strategy are to 1) reduce new HIV infections, 2) increase access to care and improve health outcomes for people living with HIV/AIDS, and 3) reduce HIV-related health disparities. To meet these goals, we will continue to provide HIV testing, patient navigation services, and prevention services to high impact populations most at-risk for HIV and sexually transmitted infections (such as young men of color who have sex with men, and adolescents). BAC will also focus on the intersection of HIV/AIDS and chronic diseases, such as diabetes, and work to reduce disparities by targeting efforts toward populations disproportionately affected by these diseases.

All of this exciting forward movement would not be possible without my predecessor, Elaine Greeley. Elaine led the agency for 25 years, skillfully navigating the tumultuous waters in the center of the HIV/AIDS epidemic. I learned so much from her and am excited to take the helm moving forward. In addition, BAC's growth and transition were made possible by our dedicated staff, who are close-knit, family-oriented, hands-on, and consistently go above and beyond what's required.

I look forward to serving you and the communities in need throughout New York City—and beyond—in my new role as Executive Director.

" Listen and you will Learn so Much "

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