Geraldine Cantrell

Licensed Psychotherapist, Artist, Author

About Me

I am a licensed psychotherapist with over 25 years in private practice in both Arizona and Hawaii. My mission has been to promote mental, emotional and spiritual health in individuals and families in need of healing on the deepest levels. I specialize in the treatment of abuse, trauma, addiction and concomitant disorders and have enjoyed working within a multicultural context, incorporating individual and group modalities to assist clients on their journeys toward wholeness.

My extensive work in the field of trauma recovery evolved out of my own individual experiences and clinical training. Currently, I'm at work on a personal account of abuse, its repercussions, and the potential for positive transformation. Entitled, The Gertrude Tree, it was the winner of an Editor's Choice Award at the SDSU's 25th Annual Writer's Conference. *

My novel, Natural Disasters: A Love Story has just been published and is now available on Amazon at This is a tale of the unpredictable power of love and our human capacity to rise above our circumstances, no matter what they are.

It is my belief that each of us is here to discover our unlimited possibilities and expand our capacity to love. Helping others on this journey is part of our purpose here in God's infinitely, expansive Universe.

* Originally titled: Eating Cake

Note: You can find a description of Natural Disasters: A Love Story on my NAPW author page. Please copy and paste this link into your browser:✓&category=&keywords=Natural+Disasters&commit=

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