Gayle Johnson

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About Me

I believe, based on my extensive experience as a leader that companies, non-profits and governments are only as good as their employees and their employees are only as good as their leaders. Given the amount of change that organizations are needing to navigate, if organizations don't have leaders who know how to connect with their employees, create safe environments for them to ask questions, share ideas and feel safe doing it, and who know how to read their employees emotions, you will have high turnover at a time when there is a skilled labor shortage.

One primary reason employees leave their place of employment, bad manager/management. If a $40,000 salaried employee quits, it costs the organization $30,000 to recruit and train a new employee. It's probably even higher if the organization has to move the person from another state and help them settle in this region and its definitely higher for higher paid employees.

As a leader who is passionate about creating effective leaders, I have a proven training and coaching business in Emotional Intelligence for leaders and employees. My training and coaching helps leaders get to know themselves better and understand their employees. This results in more satisfied employees, less turn-over, increased productivity and performance and ultimately more money for the organization. Want to learn more about what I do, let's connect. You can email me at

My strengths -
Exceptional leader
Innovative and entrepreneurial thinker
Strong listener - I listen to hear not to just respond
Highly Emotional and Socially Intelligent
Effective Facilitation skills
Able to work with diverse groups
Ability to inspire and motivate
Highly respect all voices
Proven ability to integrate various moving parts for better effectiveness and efficiency
Strong organizational development skills
Creative at identifying and bridging opportunities
Sense of humor
Like to have fun

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