Flavia Previtali

Director / Owner - FPW Family Counseling Support Services

About Me

Flavia Previtali is the Director and Owner of FPW Family Counseling & Support Services which coordinates several educational projects - offering perinatal orientation, classes and support. Flavia has owned her business for over 3 years, but has been in her industry for many years, and in that time has helped many Women survive Childbirth. She has also educated Woman all over the world. Other skill and expertise that Flavia has includes: Psychotherapy, Counseling, Healthcare, Childbirth Instruction and Grantwriting to name a few.

Flavia has also developed a technique of horse therapy which helps individuals with emotional and psychological scars to heal. Flavia is in the process of writing a book which is an ongoing process of 2 to 3 years. She a member of Doctors Without Frontiers and feels strongly about giving back to organizations that make a difference in the world. ALMA, SOAR, Latina Mommy and Hopeful Hearts are other non-profits are recognized by her.

In her spare time, Flavia is constantly helping others and gives back to her community each and every time.


The NAPW is proud to have selected Flavia Previtali into our VIP Woman of the Year circle. Congratulations Flavia !

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