Faith Ford

About Me

Hello! Thank you for the opportunity to share a little about myself, Faith Ford; Here's the scoop: I am a seasoned culinary-innovation development lead, a customer insights guru, food trend analyzer, and passionate creator who enjoys working, training and advising others as much as being elbow-deep in the action.

As a Research Chef at Cargill Kitchen Solutions, I have had the opportunity to work with multi-million dollar companies to aid in their new product launch and positive bottom line success.

I've worn many toques in my career — leader, trainer, continuous improvement champion which resulted in six figure cost savings, community leader & volunteer, and coach. I have a unique ability to see multiple channels while problem solving, ideating towards a winning solution with cross-functional teams to realize positive solutions.

Experience speaks for itself and has boiled down to the following:
- I've been creating innovation opportunities since I was a small freckled face kid.
- I'm a competitive leader which means I don't care who gets the credit, as long as
success is achieved.
- I'm always thinking and have multiple solutions swirling around in my head.
- I execute! No grass grows under my feet.
- Challenges are whole heartily welcome.
- Helping passionate people achieve their goals is my warm and fuzzy!

I enjoy making new professional acquaintances and would enjoy hearing from you and talk about your culinary opportunities, recipes, coaching, and training experiences.My name is

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