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I am Erica Ruffin Marshall. I welcome you to join me in my journey of life. I am the founder and author of Empress Rose Legacy. In August 2020 I started my journey as an author. My first book is "The Birth of Empress Rose: I Want To Live And Love Again". It takes a powerful look at my great loss and subsequent transformation to new levels of life through a change of mindset; from despair and depression to renewed faith, health and love.

At Empress Rose Legacy, we not only want to share with you our books, we want to inspire, motivate and nudge you into walking into your destiny. We believe in empowering you to be the best version of yourself. You can reach your full potential and create a life of positive thinking, health, success, prosperity and love. It all starts by loving yourself and by believing in yourself.

I am a widow, a mother, and a retired police sergeant. I am the second black female police sergeant in the history of Miami Beach police department. I worked on the police force for 18 years. I love community service. I volunteered at Homestead Soup Kitchen from 2014-2018. I also support missionary workers in Africa from 2015 to the present. I have also supported missionary workers in Ethiopia since 2017. My passion is to help others succeed and prosper. I recently re-birthed my baby clothes line called "Dry And Cool Baby Wear." We are in the process of re-creating, re-naming and designing a whole new website and clothing line. Rest assured that we are keeping the great quality material we use for our baby products. Feel free to visit both websites at: & Stay healed, stay whole, stay well. Remember that You have something that the world needs you to birth. The strength is already in You.

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