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Erica Ramirez is the founder of MindFit. She has 17 years in the corporate America industry as a Vice President of a local bank, in particular dealing with every day customer service needs and desires. Erica has spent years working in the customer service and retail industry becoming very well known for her undaunted and bonafide respectfulness of her clients needs.

• Prior to joining corporate America Erica obtained her masters degree from NYU in business management and raising her family of 3 boys as a single mother with the help of her own mother who has been a monumental strength in her life.

• Erica dedicated most of her successful years to making sure she had a solid career, which held a solid financial future for her children.

• Erica gained the respect of her piers and clients by working and living the brand she believes every business should live by which are, respect, honesty, and belief. With variable strengths such as business management, mentoring, motivational speaking, and holding a Masters degree in management Erica brings an array of skills such as being well-organized, ambitious, enthusiastic, hard-working, diligent and highly self motivated. Aside from her professional career as a VP, Bank Manager Erica makes time to be involved with the community and professional organizations such as Susan G. Komen for the Cure, a cause true and dear to her heart from personal experience and the Go Red For Women creating awareness around heart disease and woman. Erica is dedicated to helping woman understand how the stresses of everyday life can severely affect and impact your health. She has spent many hours working in battered woman shelters helping women overcome the difficulty of starting over and gaining new found confidence in themselves. Erica has finally come to the realization that her heart is in helping others find peace within themselves, how to guide others are the keys in keeping balance and not allowing our everyday stresses affect our lives. Erica’s life has been dedicated to helping others through difficult times while still juggling her own career and life with her 3 boys.
.....Love and Light Erica

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