Ellie Tabibian

California Career Counseling and Coaching | Independent Consultant

About Me

I am a Master Career Specialist guiding individuals to reconnect with their passion and purpose in life. I assist individuals ages 18-55 who are making major life and career changes due to personal challenges as they are moving through major transitions. I maximize on their top 5 talents, personality preferences, and leadership style to create the most successful outcomes in their professional and personal roles.

My skills and areas of expertise include practical and in-depth career coaching for athletes, clients with addictions, students with disabilities, and displaced individuals in work and life in general. I am drawn to and passionate about uncovering individuals' talents and interests to find the right fit in their education, career, and other life roles. I integrate the work of Dr. Clifton, Father of Strengths-Based Psychology to assess for 38 individual talents in the Strengths Finder, Strong Interest Inventory, MBTI, and Values Card Sort activities. Lastly, I have created programs to help student athletes leverage their talents on and off the court. Throughout my career history, I have been devoted to assessing and counseling individuals to move forward in their lives in the most meaningful way. I deeply believe that through the right work, we not only find purpose and safety, but also the freedom to be who we really are.

- Career and personality assessments, certified in the Strong Interest Inventory
- Career fitness program
- Student development and retention
- Career coaching for student athletes and injured athletes
- Personal branding using social media, e.g., Linkedin
- Team building with MBTI
- Implement Envisia Learning 360 Feedback
- Talent Management and Leadership Development
- Resume and cover letter writing
- Strategic job search
- Coaching
- Educating
- Clarifying majors for satisfaction

I deliver services in individually, in groups, via Skype and by phone.

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