Elke Rickard

About Me

My name is Elke Rickard. My professional title is Owner of Permanently Chic Floral Art. My company specializes in the design of Euro inspired, modern, primarily one-of-a-kind floral/botanical sculpture accent pieces for residential and commercial décor use.

Permanently Chic Floral Arts’ Mission Statement is: To create modern, European and internationally inspired, permanent, cutting edge floral art accent pieces for use as décor for home interiors or commercial spaces.

I received my RN from Bronson Methodist Hospital School of Nursing and I'm also a Certified Case Manager, CCM, though I'm not employed in the field of nursing or Case Management at this time. After becoming disabled and unable to return to the nursing field, I gradually honed my former hobby and passion for floral design, into a small business. I'm also an avid reader, especially of British mysteries, and a cat rescuer.
It sometimes seems more like they are the ones who rescued me. I am involved with my local church and am very interested in improving the plight of women and the disabled.

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