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Owner/Eavery Investments, LLC

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My name is Elizabeth Avery. I am the owner of Eavery Investments, LLC which was established almost 10 years ago in the humble area of Mesa, Arizona, USA. My URL: The intention was to enable people to give back to oneself, humanity, and society in appreciation for what was received from oneself, family, community, society, and humanity. You are able to purchase gold from our selection of 1g, 2.5g, or 5g. You can purchase gold as a savings investment for yourself, as a company gift, or for any occasion for friends and family. Please visit my selection page for gift ideas as Gold is the ultimate gift: it increases in value and surpasses any paper currency worldwide. For general information please contact or call 1 (800) 327-7281 to leave a voice message so we can help you with future gold investments.

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