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My life varies from year to year, but looking back I see myself as a peace maker. I have worked in the tribal areas of Thailand and in Dhaka, the capital city of Bangladesh. In Thailand, where evangelism is allowed, I brought my little Jesus Light into the dark tribal areas of the north. I also taught English (I am certified in ESL.) I wrote a book about my adventures which spanned 32 years called WHAT THE WITCH DOCTOR TAUGHT ME.

In Bangladesh, where evangelism is not allowed but where churches are allowed, I taught ESL to university students and to YWAM (Youth With a Mission) members. My reason for going to this Muslim country was to let them see an ordinary American, not the hop-into-bed Americans portrayed by Hollywood, and to build friendships. Also, I wanted to learn about their culture. I'd lived in two other Muslim countries, but each one is different. I've written a book about my experiences, MINGLING WITH MUSLIMS, but it's awaiting publication.

Currently, I am Skyping Bible teachings and messages into a church network in Pakistan. I have to write the teachings out and email them ahead of time to the pastor so he can look up any vocabulary that is unfamiliar.

I've been writing stories since I was eight years old, and have had 15 books published (by a tradiitonal publishing company in Hawaii, Island Heritage) . Two of the books won awards and several were best sellers here in Hawaii. Now they are all out of print. Sort of like the death of a child. I have one more book for kids available for e-readers, THE DRAGON WHO STOLE THE HOLIDAYS. Kids ages 7-10 can usually read it by themselves, and younger kids enjoy having it read to them.

The book about Thailand, mentioned above, is available in paper, audio, and e-reader from your favorite book source. For a personally autographed copy, please contact me.

I've also written two other books for adults and been published in the series, CHICKEN SOUP FOR THE SOUL (FINDING MY FAITH, and MIRACLES HAPPEN). Nine of my miracles are on YouTube.

I do write newsletters for people who don't like to write or who don't trust their English. Email me for rates.

I've tried to give up writing several times, but I always go back to it. I'm happier when I'm writing!

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