Eileen Pinkerton

Owner & CEO - HELP, Inc.

About Me

My name is Eileen Pinkerton. My professional title is Owner and CEO at Help, Inc., which specializes in non-medical assistance and medical equipment. Our mission is to provide affordable companion care to clients of all ages including seniors, new moms, those recuperating from illness and surgery, and special needs children. We provide non-medical care partners to help with daily living task in the setting of our client’s choice.

I began working as a care partner for Help, Inc. in 1997 and became the proprietor of the business in 2001. In seeing the business grow from a one person office to a six person office, I watched that office grow from one room to the purchase of our building in the summer of 2007. This purchase was necessary due to the addition of the Home Medical Supply and the need for showroom space and street access for our clients.

I bring a strong desire to improve the quality of life for our area seniors. I am very aware of the daily struggles of our clients, but also the client’s families and caregivers as well.

My skills and areas of expertise include day to day operations, management, staff development, teamwork building, motivational leadership, communication, solutions architecture & problem solving, forecasting/growth, compassion, client relationship building, customer service, budgeting, project management, early intervention, medical equipment expertise, nursing expertise, healthcare expertise, medical billing, medicare, social services, program management, innovative idea implementation, strategic planning and public speaking.

I am drawn to and passionate about charitable organizations such as the American Cancer Society, the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and the Boy Scouts of America. My hobbies and interests include needle work, tennis and spending time with my grandchildren.

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