E. Esther Carcamo

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As an Independent Federal Contractor for the Department of Labor and a Rehabilitation Counselor Contractor for Veteran's Affairs I utilize collaborative efforts in assisting disabled veterans in realizing their potential outside of the military arena. The same strengths that made them successful in the military are transferable skills than can also make them successful in their civilian lives, in spite of their disabilities. Vocational Rehabilitation services are provided to Federal employes injured in the workplace through the Department of Labor. Vocational Rehabilitation services are also provided to service-connected disabled veterans under Chapter 31 VR&E Services with Veterans Affairs. Rehabilitation Counselors provide extensive counseling in Substance Abuse, Cognitive Disabilities, physical and psychological disabilities as well as Independent Living Evaluations for veterans who are unable to return to employment to assist them in improving Independent Functioning in their home and in the community. I have also performed Expert Vocational Evaluations for Work-Comp hearings. I am a Solo Practitioner and Independent Contractor specializing in Career Development, Rehabilitation Counseling and Vocational Counseling. Over twenty-five years of professional experience in Rehabilitation Counseling, Job Development, Training, Employment, Adjustment Counseling and Consulting with Human Resource departments for return to work strategies for injured employees. Developed Professional Licensure Workshops through Cal State University San Bernardino.

My passion is working with combat veterans. My Father was a Korean Veteran and in 1990 our family discovered he had also been a POW. He was captured by the Turks who were American Allies but because my Father was wearing a Chinese coat they thought he was a Russian. My Father said he had killed a Chinese soldier for his coat as the temperature in Korea was freezing during the winter of 1950. My Father passed away at the Loma Linda VA in 2005 during the time I had started working as a VA Contractor at Loma Linda. My Dad said, " I hope you can help guys get the help I never got". My Father experienced chronic Post Traumatic Stress Disorder since the 1950's. He received treatment for PTSD and frost bite to his lower extremities at the VA. In Honor of his memory I continue to help the guys get the help my Dad never received after his military service to our Country.

As a Professional Rehabilitation Counselor I like to see success in motion.

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