Dr. Yvonne Reedy

Penn State University | PhD

About Me

My name is Dr. Yvonne B. Reedy. I am a licensed psychological and owner of Yvonne B Reedy, PhD, LP and Associates, where we see clients with all types of emotional, behavioral, and relationship issues.. My skills and areas of expertise include Assessment, Therapy, Behavioral Intervention, Organizational Skills, Mentoring, Personal and Business Devolpment. I work with all ages of individuals on the autism spectrum, and work with children needing play therap. I have seen children as young as 18 months and adults as old as 102 years. I received my Doctorate from Penn State University. I am currently involved with APA, APT, and Pi Lambda Theta. My hobbies and interests include Traveling, Reading, Cooking, and Spending time with my grandchildren.

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