Dr. Ollie Collier-Jones

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My name is Rev. Dr. Ollie Collier-Jones, Ph.D., M.S.W., MPA My skills and areas of expertise include Professional Trainer. My professional title is Senior Pastor & CEO at Perfecting Saints Heart to Heart Ministries, which specializes in Ex-Offender Job Training and Placement, reintergration counseling and support, Individual and Family Counseling and Recovery Coaching.. I received my Ph.D. in Social Work from Berne University International Graduate School. I am currently involved with National Association of Black Social Workers, Ohio Coalition of Grandparents and Kinship Caregivers, Summit County Reentry Network, and NAACP. My hobbies and interests include travel, reading and walking. I am drawn to and passionate about impacting into the lives of others to assist them in becoming all they can be. At the end of the day "It's not what I've done for myself but how I have impacted into the lives of other people."

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