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About Me

Throughout my career I have worked in many fields and several direct sales companies. I’ve been an accountant, an office manager, a lone office professional, a candle sales person, a scrapbooking/card making guru, a wife, a bartender when times got tough, but most recently an Entrepreneur. I have my own bookkeeping business that allows me to make decisions on the direction of my career. And now, I have my own business helping women showcase their inner and outer beauty.

My bookkeeping business has given me the opportunity to work with a variety of businesses and people in an array of industries. My clients include those that need regular data entry services to those that require full charge bookkeeping and payroll services. The variety keeps things interesting.
In July 2014 I began my career as a Younique Presenter. I quickly moved up to a yellow status presenter and met the company's fast start goals. My goal is to share this remarkable company and product with as many women as I can. The company’s mission is very similar to my own, to enrich and empower women.

Along the way I was introduced to essential oils and all of the benefits they offered. I fell in love and decided to start my own business. I have spent most of my time creating new blends that assist the body with stress, relaxation and focus. While trying to create these blends I realized that it would be more beneficial to a person if the blend were customized to them. This was the beginning of Wholly Beautiful You, be beautiful, inside and out.

Prior to venturing out on my own I spent 15 years in accounting. Some of my past experience includes, Unit Controller for Aramark Corporation at Travis AFB, Office Manager at Calone Law Group and Hotsy Pacific, Senior Accountant in various real estate companies, and an assistant to the property managers.

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