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CEO, CFO, Controller, Business Coach, Executive Coach, Mentor and Consultant with a vast array of expertise in small, and large business venues.

In all of the time I have worked in Corporate America, I was looking that feeling of being part of a larger team, where we were all responsible for not only our individual contribution, we were also responsible for our teams. Teams that "click" have a profound effect on the members. They all walk away knowing they belong to an elite group, who can make contributions that culminate into powerful results. Participating and mentoring teams is a joy.

Since leaving the Corporate World, I have completed a course of study in Neuro-Lunguistic Programming for the express purpose to assist small businesses and professionals. My experience in the corporate world taught me the best asset a business has is the people who work in the business. The people can also be the most destructive aspect when looking at the revenue and bottom line. My goal is to alleviate the negative aspect by improving the communication, performance and results within a business structure.

Today when I work with companies, they receive my vast experience not only in business, they also receive my expertise in communication and culture. My focus is the executive and operational aspects of the business. As a Master Profit Consultant, I look for "Money left on the table", paths to sales, and new ways to connect a company with its' clients.

Specialties: Certified Coach, Certified Master Business Coach, and Consultant,Business Mentor, Certified Sales Trainer, Certified NLP Practitioner, Controller for public and private companies, CEO, CFO,for private corporations. . Training staff in the following areas: Culture and communication,Sales, Procurement, Work Flow, Back Office Support, Accounting process and procedure.

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