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My name is Donna W. Figueroa. I am the CEO at Arete Government Services. My skills and areas of expertise include acquisition management and strategic planning. I earned my Bachelor of Science degree at Columbia Union College, prior to earning my Masters' degree at National Bible College and Seminary.

I recently obtained a new contract with the Department of Labor in which I support the CFO insofar as contract requirements. At the same time, I am in the process of editing my final submission for this year's course curriculum at the Ignite Institute for Leaders and its subsidiary, the Ignite Institute for Women. I am a member of National Contract Management, PMI and NAPW. I am presently pursuing contracts with governmental agencies with the goal of GSA schedule placement and positioning.

I am passionate about various charitable organizations: I am the Director of Sandy Fork Community Corporation (SFCC), a faith-based not-for-profit organization devoted to customizing programs for the impoverished residents of Wilson, Nash and Edgecombe counties. Their mission is to empower, motivate, educate and inspire the growing population of disadvantaged residents of these counties and to help them achieve excellence in all areas of their lives. SFCC believes that "Everybody is a Star."

I am a licensed minister at the Greater Mt. Calvary Holy Church. In addition to my regular pastoral functions, I also assist local residents with resume building, the interview process and job placement.

My hobbies and personal interests include travel and... buying shoes!

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