Dianne Juhl

Money Knowledge Not Taught Anywhere Else ★ Systems, Strategies, Tools Combined With Psychology ★ Master Educator ★ Speaker ★ Author

About Me

I'm currently the CEO and Founder of The Feminine Face of Money, a company that offers a step-by-step, strategic and holistic approach for women to gain relevant knowledge about the fundamentals of money and wealth that isn't taught anywhere else.

I coach high earners and affluent females to have clarity, peace and harmony around their money and arrange partnerships with additional trusted experts chosen specifically to help women grow their wealth to achieve big dreams.

I'm an author, speaker, and a master educator who brings wisdom gained through extensive training and my own personal money journey as a 7-figure corporate executive (formerly with Microsoft,) and philanthropist now fearless entrepreneur.

My hobbies and interests include bicycling, hiking, and kayaking.

I'm passionate about supporting organizations who promote the empowerment and advancement of women and girls into leadership roles and those who provide multicultural and diversity education so that our workplaces and communities are welcoming, affirming and respectful.

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