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My name is Diane A. Rose. As an influential, generous, prosperous, Woman Child of God, Daughter of the Most High King, I am creating new life experiences through better health and prosperity with everyone I know and meet. I am passionately loving God through my family, and I am building relationships for eternity anywhere my day may take me.

I count it a privilege to meet people and share in their personal dreams as I build friendships in all walks of life. Twenty years in the financial services industry has honed my skills of working with clients and professionals in varied business and industry. Working over 10 years as a leader with Stonecroft Ministries, I have led women to reach past the present into places they have never been. I volunteer and serve in my home church,
teaching and leading individuals to reach their own potentials as God’s creation.

My skills and expertise include professional speaking, educating individuals, families, and groups in health, fitness, and nutrition, teaching and training men and women to apply the Word of God to their daily lives, and training entertainers to be better performers in their own right through my alter-ego, "Patches the Clown." My professional title is Rising Star Director with ViSalus Sciences, the Body by Vi 90-day Challenge which specializes in life, health, and prosperity. I am a 5-Star Ambassador waiting for my paperwork to catch up. We are single-mindedly facing the worldwide epidemic of obesity. We are taking the weight off the world, one person at a time, 10 pounds at a time.

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Religion and Behavioral Sciences with a Social Work Sequence from Tift College with Master’s degree studies done at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. I am currently involved in the West Cobb Business Association, East Cobb Business Association, New Creation Clown Troupe, Roswell Street Baptist Church, and Stonecroft ministries, which is in more than 60 countries. My hobbies and interests include spending time with my family, including our children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. I am a God-breathed Servant Leader to those who cross my paths. I am passionately seeing people reach their dreams and potentials. I love creating new life experiences with my Vi-Family as we prepare to walk the beaches of the world together.

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