Diane Evans

About Me

My name is Diane Evans and I am the Project Director of Training for Madison Associates, Inc. (MAI), a law enforcement consulting firm, providing technical advice and assistance to governments, law enforcement agencies, and private companies in the areas of forensic accounting, financial crime, money laundering, corruption, asset forfeiture and business monitoring. MAI has extensive experience in conducting training in financial investigative techniques, money laundering, and asset forfeiture. We offer leadership training for emerging leaders, front-line, mid-level, and executive level supervisors. In addition, MAI provides meeting and event planning services. Prior to joining MAI, I was the Leadership Training Program Manager for IRS-Criminal Investigation for 32 years, where I coordinated and delivered training throughout the U.S. and internationally at International Law Enforcement Academies in Botswana, South Africa and Budapest, Hungary. My expertise is in course design and development, leadership training, and event planning.

I am married and have two grown sons. My husband and I are very active in our Church, where we coordinate monthly outings for our Super Seniors, and I am an assistant teacher for a girl’s Sunday School class. My hobbies and special interests are cruising, running, hiking, and reading.

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