Diane Baptista FNP BC MSN

Independent Affiliate for Prime My Body Plant Based Wellness/Hemp Oil

About Me

My name is Diane Baptista FNP BC MSN. My professional title is Family Nurse Practitioner at Ambercare Hospice. After decades of treating all ages of clients in both Family Practice and Internal Medicine, I have decided to complete my professional health career by entering gerontology and hospice care.
After decades of treating people and writing their prescriptions and plans if care, My new passion and focus has become "Abundant Health and Wellness " as I share Plant Based Phytocannabinoidiol/ Pure, organic Hemp Oil with my community!!
This life changing "Liquid Gold" is making a national and Global impact in the lives of Our international community. As the Hemp business surge is expected to exceed $22 BILLION dollars in 2020, I invite everyone to explore this miraculous product as it is Legal in all 50 states. The benefits of Hemp oil far exceed many prescriptive or over the counter meds/remedies.
I am also currently involved with AANP, National Association of Professional Women and Who's Who for Women Executives. I am involved in compassionate charitable organizations such as Animal Rescue.
You can locate the product at
This life altering oil can be used personally or as a business! You can locate me at the listed email.
Wishing you Abundant Health and an Abundant Life.

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