Diana Medina

Director, eCommerce Product

About Me

Like we do with people, we have different types of relationships with brands. We fall in love and break up with those that move our most intimate passions. We are life-long friends whit the ones that witness important moments in our lives. And we have those that make us laugh, cry or even curse them.

I have the delight and fortune to work every day on crafting strategies to connect brands with people. I create instants that build powerful emotions towards a brand – messages, stories, offers, discoveries, interactions – all experiences that when built correctly and sent to the right audience are capable of creating ever-lasting brand/consumer relationships.

My specialties include – targeted marketing strategy, personalization, traditional, digital and social media, consumer loyalty, branding, content strategy, campaign management, promotions and shopper marketing.

In my journey to discover brands and consumers, I have grown as a marketer and as a leader. The always-changing, fast-paced, insanely dynamic world of marketing in retail has shaped me as a passionate leader, capable of embracing change, and the adventures and opportunities that come with it.

I am a true believer in the power of teamwork and the value of inspiring others. The best thing about being a leader is growing and improving through the rewarding experience of helping others achieve their dreams.

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