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I was a nurse, fitness trainer, educator, speaker, author and thought I knew how to be very healthy only to find out that there was much more to be learned. 2016 was filled with physical ailments, including time bound to a wheelchair due to serious pain. Well, in September of that year, I found a program that helped me so much, not just in releasing weight and inches, but also to lower my blood pressure, cholesterol, get rid of the inflammation in my body, and today, I am feeling great! 55 pounds less, 35 inches less, energy I never had before, loving to exercise daily, changing my Habits of Disease to Habits Of Health, having a new, happy, healthy lifestyle... what more can I ask for? Due to this amazing experience and my background I have decided to become a Certified Health and Wellness Coach and am no paying it forward to others, giving them the same benefits I got to reap. My physical and mental health is healthy now, and I feel much younger than I am!
I am a down to earth, no nonsense Health Coach, who leads with her actions and by example. I have people approaching me and asking me for help, as they have seen my transformation. What you see is what you get!
So, I am here to journey with you to optimal health, giving you the tools you need to make this a life long life style change that is tailored to your needs.
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Specialties: For my entire life, I have been in the caring, sharing, loving business, first by helping mom raise the 4 younger siblings, then as a nurse, then as a teacher, and now, I get to use everything in one profession. Using Faith first, Family second and Career third, is the order in which all things work.
I love to share and give what I have and make others feel good, yet, still have my boundaries. If you need to be lifted up, spiritually, emotionally, or look wise, don't hesitate to call on me.

I am now a published best selling author for my Stress Reduction Book on The exact title is:
Your Amazing Itty Bitty Stress Reduction Book, 15 Key Steps to Reduce Stress and Increase Health, by Denise Thomson, CHC
Please read it and give me some feedback that I can apply towards my next book and please leave me feedback on for this one. Your honest opinion truly matters. Thank you!

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