Denise Inouye

About Me

As women, our world has become an open book of many choices and seemingly less time to organize it all. Large bags may be great to pack it all in and run, but when the moment of traveling transition hits, we say "Where are my "buried" car keys?!! This was my reason for going public with solutions to help make our hectic lives easier. My skills and areas of expertise include creating bags with special features for organization and specific purpose. My professional title is Owner at D I Unlimited, which currently specializes in custom designer handbags and tote bags with special features for people on-the-go. I received my associate's degree from Long Beach City College, with a focus in technology. My hobbies and interests include sewing, crafting of various sorts, camping, biking, continual learning, spending time with family and friends

My training background in sewing expertise has been with a Van and Camper Curtain Shop, and under the direct supervision of a woman who received a degree in Fashion Design, who worked for Michael Kor

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