Denise Fritter

Executive Director/Chairman of the Board

About Me

My name is Denise Fritter. I am the Executive Director and Chairman of the Board at Dynamic Schools Research Institute. My skills and areas of expertise include power projects, health education and scholarships. I received my B.A. in Sociology from Texas A&M Kingsville, San Antonio. My first career was in the mental health field where I rose from a direct care specialist to the director of a community clinic. Along with my full time job, I enjoyed my part time job of tutoring core subjects, mostly English, in community colleges. I am currently the Board President of 5 charter school campuses in San Antonio, Texas. I am passionate about furthering the education of individuals, to strengthen families, and to empower them to be successful members of their community. I am a current member of two motorcycle clubs and hold activity director positions in both. I enjoy riding motorcycles with my husband throughout the Texas Hill Country, supporting and encouraging my grandchildren, coaching my pups to do new tricks, and spending quiet time near any body of water, but especially the Guadalupe River and the Texas Gulf Coast. I am constantly searching for growth opportunities for myself and enjoy the learning experience. I believe education is empowerment and every person is entitled to and should receive the greatest education possible.

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