Delores Bunch-Keemer

Executive Director, Giving A Hand, Inc.

About Me

My name is Delores Bunch-Keemer and I am the Executive Director of Giving A Hand, Inc. My biggest inspiration to become a catalyst in poverty issues came from my grandmother, Cleopatra Jones, a civil rights leader who worked in Westchester County, New York for 50 years. In 2002, I made a promise to my grandmother to carry on her legacy and never let her name or sacrifice be forgotten so she became a crusader for CHANGES within the Atlanta community.

I have been employed in non-profit agencies since 2004, and very active in making a difference in Atlanta’s homeless community. I also worked as data administrator and compliance officer both in city and state government, created best practice models for homeless data collection and implemented this model on the required Homeless Management Information System (HMIS) in the state of Georgia. I am a Presidential Fellow and graduate of Kennesaw State University founding member of the Homelessness Awareness Week Committee at KSU as well as several civic organizations including the NAACP (Life Member), Friends of the Library at KSU (Charter Member), Golden Key International Honours Society (Alumnus), the National Society of Collegiate Scholars (Alumnus), and Microsoft IT Advisory Council.

Although I have been honored by several groups, working with homeless initiatives is a second career for me. I was previously employed by Wall Street firms for 15 years and held several licenses to solicit commodities, securities, variable annuities, and life and health insurance. My career path ultimately changed after I was appointed by Governor Purdue to work as an intern in the office of former President Jimmy Carter. I also worked for President Barack Obama during his first term to learn organizing at the grassroots level. President Carter’s humanitarian efforts and impact on the world, President Obama’s organizational skills and my grandmother’s commitment to the community inspired me to emulate them and commit to being a catalyst of change in Atlanta.

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