Deidra O'Neal

Executive Director | Young, Black and Suburban Kids Nonprofit

About Me

My name is Deidra O'Neal,

I am an enthusiastic person who enjoys serving, being an inspiration, and creating a positive impact. An HBCU graduate, a wife, and a mother of 4 raising my a family in suburban America, I started to realize that my children lacked the necessary life skills, mental stuffiness, self, and cultural pride that the inner-city and their programs provide.

Therefore I founded Young, Black, and Suburban Kids, a nonprofit organization and public charitable organization dedicated to connecting and teaching young, Black, and suburban kids to be inspired, empowered, and able to embrace their culture for a better future.

I also serve as the Social Engagement Coordinator for the IAW-Dallas Chapter. I am thrilled to be a part of an association that provides a global network of professional women.

I am continuously looking for engaging speakers aim at educating children and youth.

* Please connect with me
- https://www.facebook.ecom/parentsofyoungblacksuburbankids

* To learn more about Young Black and Suburban Kids, please visit OR contact ME at

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