Deep Laxmi, MBA, MS, M.Sc

Success Coach and Self-Image Mentor

About Me

I am a mentor and speaker on the topic of self-image. I help people boost their productivity and performance so they will profit by setting big and worthy goals as they improve their self-image and turn old and worn habits into life-long successful habits for an abundant and intentional purpose-driven life.

My coaching and teaching is based on what is now called the science of self-image: Our self-image and our habits are interlocked together. Change one and you will automatically change the other. We cannot outperform our own self-image, so to bring out the desired change in our lives, we must challenge the conviction of what we believe about our self.

I am fortunate to have excelled in business for the past 15 years. As a pharmaceutical quality professional, I am well recognized as a top performer. I am a certified Leadership Coach and I have trained and coached a number of clients (including teens) to achieve better self-image, attitude, career selections, performance and growth.

I proudly hold three Masters' degrees: an MBA from St. Joseph University, an MS from Georgia State University and and MS from Agra University, in addition to dozens of professional certificates.I have been studying personal growth and development for more than twenty-five years, and I am beyond thrilled to turn this passion into a business. I am an intensely GROWTH- and RESULT-oriented person who is passionate about helping others fulfill their dreams, to live an abundant and intentional life.

Saved by an orphan in an accident that nearly took my life in 2000, I have discover a new purpose: to give back to orphans globally by providing education, shelter, entrepreneurial skills. I currently support many children in India and the US.

As a wife and a mother of three young boys, a pharmaceutical professional and a mentor helping clients globally, balancing a work-life passion is the challenge to which I enjoy waking up each day.

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