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I never thought of myself as an entrepreneur or author, yet here I find myself in the exciting world of both: an e-commerce business ( and author of 2 mystery thrillers, Realm of Deceit & Realm of Deceit - The Enemy Within.

Mogobox specializes in gadgets, novelties, mobile accessories, and more. Exciting? Why? I have attended trade shows in China, Hong Kong, and Las Vegas and have watched a business grow from an idea to reality. Diverse? I work in four time zones with people from all over the world. Challenging? Absolutely, bringing a business together in today's economy of red tape and stiff competition, finding the right vendors and associates from product development, shipping, legal, accounting, and marketing, as well as educating oneself to insure that your business meets and exceeds industry standards is not for the faint hearted. Passionate? Most definitely, without passion for what one is doing, it would be impossible to put all these puzzle pieces together with the end picture being: finding the right products, for the right demographics, at the right price, and delivering the product to the end user.

The Realm of Deceit series, fictional thrillers, were born out of a concept of "what if"​ and "could this" really happen. Then came the research of places in the world I had never been combined with places I was very familiar with in order to put my characters in settings and situations to bring a reality and plausibility for the reader. Results, in Book 1, Scott and Mitch, two seasoned globe-trotting journalists, find themselves in many perilous situations – beginning with an interview of an Imam in the Middle East to trying to expose US politicians aligned with the Imam out to destroy the US. In Book 2, Scott and Mitch, now targets of those they exposed, opens with the President disappearing in Air Force One. Then begins a cat and mouse game to locate the missing President.

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