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Greetings fellow NAPW member!

My name is Deborah McKenzie, and I am currently transitioning to a career as a full-time writer. Prior to transitioning, my professional career included various managerial positions held at many Fortune 500 companies including American Express and Allstate Insurance Company. In addition, during my career, I managed a team of Counselors for a state agency in Illinois and am considered a Subject Matter Expert on College Prep and Planning / Financial Aid and Scholarships.

Throughout my career, I always gravitated toward projects and assignments that included writing, drafting and editing copy. I have drafted instruction and training manuals and have written articles for several professional journals and newsletters; including the AGD Expectations, which provided programming and marketing information to the constituents of the Academy of General Dentistry (AGD).

As a working woman, wife and mother of three, I constantly juggled with finding the right balance between work and family. When my kids became adults, I finally was able to achieve that balance. I live in Fort Worth, Texas with my husband of 30 years and write on topics of interest to women, children and families.

Recently (May 2014), I was fortunate to publish my first book, "A Fairy Tale Affair - How to Plan a Fabulous Destination Wedding on a Shoestring Budget." It is available now on Amazon. (See work website link above to Amazon page)

Instead of juggling my kids, I now am juggling writing projects and have two book projects underway, and am marketing a screenplay I wrote while being a "Stage Mom"; in what seems to be now a previous life. The screenplay is based on The Nutcracker Ballet.

The advice I give women who are transitioning to their passion, is to gradually make changes, and before you know it, you'll have your masterpiece hanging on the walls of an art gallery (or whatever your passion is).

I am very excited about being a member of NAPW and am honored to have been included in the circle of women awarded VIP Woman of the Year (2014-2015).

Thank you!

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