Deborah Davis

About Me

Deborah is a veteran in customer service and billing. She held the entry level position of General Clerk and moved to Mailroom Clerk, Member Records Clerk, Meter Order Clerk, Billing Clerk, Key Punch Operator (over 100,000 strokes a day with less than 5 mistakes), and Computer System Operator. Her ability to perform numerous tasks in different areas and her dedication and loyalty to the organization has made her a major asset to the company. Deborah was promoted from Computer System Operator to Supervisor of Data Processing in 1988. With that promotion, Deborah became a part of the Management Team. She accepted her new duties proudly and sought to prove herself in a position normally held by a male. Her knowledge of the job assisted in the training of other Computer System Operators and Data Entry Clerks. Deborah's approach of "working together and not working for me"; resulted in her team setting the bar for the other teams to strive for. Deborah's dedication, loyalty and stipulation for the task to be accurate advanced her to the forefront, where she became Manager of Billing and Remittance in 1997. In her duties as a supervisor/manager, Deborah is responsible for the billing of 83,000 electric services,budget billing, implementing rates, state taxes, PCA, Energy Efficiency Programs, Load Control, Security Lights, and any credit refunds that would appear on the electric bill. She demands ample time for testing the numerous components of the Billing & Remittance Application. Working for Office Managers and CEO's who have allowed her to excel has been a gift that Deborah has always cherished. In her various roles she has seen several changes. She has served on four Computer Hardware/Software Committees for DEC. The team was responsible for researching and evaluating hardware and software companies to determine which vendor would best service our company. Deborah has been one of the key personnel in the six computer conversion at DEC. She is proud that the company is one of the leaders in best business practices. As a multi million dollar entity DEC is taking an aggressive approach with the current technology in the industry. DEC offers its Customer Self Service available 24/7 through the website and AMR metering to name a couple of the enhancements made to the system. As the first Afro-American to be hired into the Clerical Office at DEC, she was also the first Afro-American to be promoted to DEC's Management Team; making history during her career. Deborah has traveled for DEC representing the company in numerous places and many capacities. These experiences have been tools that contributed to her success in the journey to be at this level in her life. When Deborah is not in front of her computer in her office or her laptop at home; you will find her spending time with her husband of 35 years. She enjoys getting on the back of one of their Harleys with her husband, and letting the wind set her free. Deborah and her husband have two sons, one daughter, and four grandchildren. Deborah is a member of the Buffalo Soldiers M/C of Delaware and serves on the Scholarship Committee and served on the Event Committee for three years. She also assists the club's historians with displays and presentations for school, churches and other organizations that may invite the Soldiers. Deborah and her husband are both Soldiers, and they are involved with charitable functions that support children, battered women, the elderly, Cancer Awareness, medical situations, the disabled, veterans, and anyone they can help make a difference in his/her life. When Deborah finds time, she enjoys getting away to a National Hot Rod Association Drag Racing event with the family.

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