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In Texas, boots are not a fashion accessory, they are a way of life. It's what we wear for what we do. Growing up, my father raised registered Quarter Horses and we showed as kids, then progressed to high school and college rodeos. Becoming a trick rider for the Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show, produced by Montie Montana, Jr., was a dream come true. Combine this love of the western lifestyle with a background in banking, advertising and fine art, the custom boot business was a perfect fit. I've been making custom boots since 1989, and it's a business full of surprises, lots of hard work and long hours and more rewards and blessings than I can count. Everyone wants to know what famous people we make boots for, and there are quite a few, but the real stories are in the people that aren't on the nightly news. We have the gentleman that lost a leg, so now we make the boots to fit his prosthesis, the young teenage girl that lost her sight and chose her leather by the feel and the texture, then hugs your neck when she pulls them on for the first time. Every boot has a story and the Lord has blessed us over and over.

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