Deborah Luxton

retreat leader, author, life & leadership coach for pastors' wives and women leaders

About Me

Join the movement of women choosing to eliminate fear, control, perfectionism, workaholism and more!

I am a Life Coach working with women who lead, John Maxwell Founding Partner & Leadership Coach, Retreat Leader and Author. I help women live a thriving life as they carry out the impact God created and designed them for.

I have a calling to serve pastors' wives. Are you a pastor's wife or do you know a pastor's wife? I would love to talk with you and/or her. The loneliness, longing for confidential sharing, constantly being on "display" and trying to live up to so many expectations threatens the very life you love most - growing God's Kingdom!

One Life to THRIVE retreats are held in a royal location; Glen Eyrie Castle in Colorado Springs, CO. Find all the details at

At a One Life to THRIVE retreat, women focus on 3 primary needs:
CONNECT with yourself, God and other like-minded women.
TRANSFORM internal struggles.
IMPACT as you were created and designed for.

Beyond the retreats, become part of the One Life to THRIVE community.

I am passionate about equipping women to put down their appearances, to stay authentic and be victorious in their unique calling.

Among my specialties are: transformation and elimination of internal struggles, implementing and maintaining healthy boundaries, building/leading/managing teams, driving process improvement, strengthening individual skills, growing leadership confidence and abilities, spiritual growth.

Retreat - I have been hosting women's retreats since 2010. In 2017, my retreats moved to Colorado Springs, CO. This location provides the peace and serenity you need to truly unplug, be served and to hear God. Visit:

Author - "Choose to THRIVE: Conquering Your Inner Conflicts" Visit:

Coach - openings for life and leadership coaching are limited. Visit:

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