Dawnell Walden

CFO/ Accounting/Accounts Receivable

About Me

My name is Dawnell Walden. My professional title is CFO/ Accounting/Accounts Receivable at Vehicle Wraps Inc.. My skills and areas of expertise include Accounting and management. I went to work for my boyfriend to help him out with a few projects. I never left. I started learning about everything. I help to develop the Employee handbook, and streamlined many process and procedures within the company. I created our Check up program which helps to keep our clients wraps in tops condition. I then learned and then streamlined out Quick books systems.

Our company is a large format printing company that specializes in vehicle wraps. Many people have no idea what a vehicle wrap is, well it is the print that is installed on the vehicles and makes them a marketing tools. You see them everywhere. They are on your plumbers, pest companies, construction services, utility companies and box trucks delivering just about anything. We have grown every year and I plan to keep helping this company grow into the most successful company in the country. We wrap every vehicle hoping that it will help our clients to grow and be more successful. We can do far more than vehicles as well, with large format printing you have so much you can do. We can wrap store fronts, wall murals, floor decals, flags, canvas prints, stickers, business cards and so much more. We make sure that everything we do is to the top standards and we pride our selves on helping people.

I am drawn to and passionate about charitable organizations such as Breast Cancer. We where asked to wrap one of Metro's Fire Department fire engine pink in 2014. They could not cover the coast of the engine, so we donated a huge portion of it. We asked if we could do it again this year and we did. I also told the Captain in charge that we hope to do it again next year. We also donate to schools and other county departments.

I am super compassionate about helping others and helping them to succeed. I hope I can help you as well.

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